Artist Autographed Guitars

Looking back at my first live concert by a local band where I grew up. I noticed home playing a Gibson Marauder Guitar and thought that was really cool. This made me want to learn to play the guitar, not in the least as we had some musical talent and connection in our own family.

Being of Dutch/East Indies back ground affiliated me with bands and music from the Blue Diamonds, Black Arrows, Tielman Brothers and more..these bans became commonly known as “Indo Rock” the early 1960s saw an explosion of music in areas like The Hague and years later this lead to the so-called Haagse Beatnach festivals were prominent band like the Golden Earring, Q65, Living Blues, The Shoes, Earth and Fire and Brain-box amongst others….. Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline did the rest

My interest in the guitar stems from those events in the late 1960s and early 1970s when I started collecting. Getting a hold of my first Pearl SG, Yamaha SG, and through our family some of the “Indo Rock” guitars like the Tielmans and more…

In addition to collecting guitars, I tried to obtain guitars that were actually used or at least autographed by bands I saw or appreciated so this page is dedicated to some of these.

Always had an interest in Yamaha SGs, here we have 2 Yamahas, a Green Yamaha SG-2000s (1985) autographed by Jake Burns of the band Stiff Little Fingers (SLF) and a Natural Yamaha SG-90 (1974)

Queen and in particular Brian May was one of those influential guitarists that compelled you to take note of their music, whether it’s the thumping bass on “Another one bites the dust” or the cutting guitar solos in “Bohemian Rhapsody or Seven Seas of Rhye”.

Here we have a BMG modern 2010s guitar Red Special model autographed by the man himself, must admit, bought this off a chap who went to see Queen with Adam Lambert and used the ticket stub to get the autographed BMG RS

A Classic guitar of the Gibson Stable is the ES-175

Here we have an ES-175 autographed by prominent Jazz Guitarist Pat Martino. The ES-175 is a single- or dual-pickup archtop electric guitar and unlike Gibson’s L5 and Super 400 guitars, the ES-175 is typically made of an all-laminate construction, which was a cheaper alternative than the existing L-5. The ES-175 has a rosewood fingerboard with parallelogram inlays, a 3″ deep body, a floating bridge, and the sound comes from a set of Gibson’s ‘59/60 PAF pickups.

Fender Telecaster Deluxe Custom 1977

Here a Fender Telecaster Custom Deluxe 1977 played and autographed by band members from “Status Quo” namely Francis Rossi, and Rick Parfitt”. I recall at high school, wearing Denim with a host of band names inked onto the fabric, which included “Status Quo”.