Fender Jazz Bass (1973/4, Tobacco Sunburst)

we have on offer a heavily used vintage Fender Jazz Bass 1973 according to the neck serial. As with most vintage Basses, it’s attained lots of battle scars over the past decades and shows signs of a good hard working life. This is real patina, played, not reliced. Sound is great and the guitar plays very well. Attractive maple fretboard with mother of pearl block markers. All round a great guitar. As mentioned earlier, the bass is possibly a 1974 as the neck serial can be misleading. When fender started to use 3-bolt neck plates for jazz bass late 1974, the remaining old stock plates from telecaster basses were used. Telecaster Basses (stratocaster guitars too) started with the 3-bolt in 1972. Hence late 1974 jazzes, can have 1972-1973 serials. Price £1800 ONO