Gibson G-3 Bass (1975, Natural Wood)

Here a  Gibson Grabber-3 or G-3 Bass issued in 1975. This is a 1970s designed bass along the original Grabber” and Ripper Bass. The bass was a supplement to newly designed Marauder and S-1 guitar models and the Gibson L6s models. Like the Grabber and Ripper, the G-3 has a large body shape, and another result of cooperation between Bill Lawrence and Gibson. The idea was to make a “multi-sound Bass system” for a low price.  The G-3 introduced a new pickup scheme and instead of the Grabbers sliding pickup, the G-3 has a set of three single coils. Along with a tone and volume control, the G-3 featured a three-way switch controlling the Bill Lawrence pickups designed for either “bright/low” or other tone positions. Guitar lives in its red lined hard-case.