Peavey T-45 Bass (Wood stain, 1983)

The Peavey T-45 Bass guitar was one of Peavey Music Corp’s 2nd bass designs, and despite being popular for its affordability and construction, the sound was awesome Along with the T-15, 25 and 60 Guitars, the Peavey T-45, along the T-40 Bass is heavy, it’s built like a tank and can handle some serious gigging. The T-45 bass sports one multi function Toaster-style pickup and three tone/vol pots for pick up coil blending. The Peavey T-45 was the top of the line bass from the T Series in the 1980s. It featured a 34″ scale length body with a dual laminated Maple neck and no pickguard. The dual blade humbucker could be used as either a single coil or full humbucker. Other finishes included black, white, blood red and burgundy.