Yamaha BB-5000 Bass, (1980s, Black, Thru Neck)

One of the best basses in my collection the rare 1980s 5-string Yamaha BB-5000. The guitar sports a genuine thru body neck with a laminated wing construction. The neck itself consists of alternating layers of maple and mahogany to creat a stiff and solid body/guitar interface. The finish obscures  the view of the construction, but this can be seen in great detail in the natural wood finishes of the BB-1200, 2000 and 3000 series and also in the supper combinator SC guitar series (SC-1000 and 1200 model)

This bass oozes quality from the Yamaha luthiers and like other high quality instruments from the Yamaha pedigree, this is no exception and plays like a dream, light and fluid. Although the electrics are quite simple the tonal range is good,  sound output can be controlled by a simple Vol/tone pot combination. The pickups are two heavy single coils (rails) with quite a strong output and either neck or bridge pickups can be engaged via a three way toggle switch. String spacing is 15 mm at bridge making it ideal for multiple playing styles including “hammering” and “slapping”