Fender Stratocaster (1978/9 Tobacco Sunburst)

Here another iconic Fender USA guitars in the collection, a faded/aged Tobaccoburst Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Great 1978/9 vintage, with some 1950s Fender Components as upgrades, like the Fender Bridge, Bridge Saddles and pick up caps etc. All electrics are original. Here we have an SRV Model with genuine play wear and patina without all the modern day relicing. You won’t find many like this in such a great nick. Great looker and a killer player, as you would expect from a classic guitar. The finish has beautifully aged to a and the neck has a lovely satin finish, the paint of the neck has aged and worn off in most played areas making it a fast player too. So here we have a very collectible rock machine with ounces of mojo and a great vintage feel to it. Missing part is the backplate, rest is all there.