Fender Stratocaster (Faded Alpine White, 1963)

One of my most iconic USA guitars in the collection, a faded/aged white Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Great 1963 vintage, You won’t find many. Great looker and a killer player, as you would expect from an old classic guitar. The white finish has nicely aged to a cracked cream colour and the neck has a lovely satin finish, the paint of the neck has aged and worn off in most played areas making it a fast player too. Neck angle was adjusted previously by shimming off a bit of the heel to flatten the neck. So here we have a well playing rock machine with ounces of mojo and a great vintage feel to it. Replaced parts are the 5 way pup selector, tone vol pots and their wiring. Scratch plate has cracks at some of the screw holes. Backplate missing. Guitar has been refretted at some stage. Lives in n.o.case.