Fender Telecaster (Blonde, 1973)

Here a great and collectible Fender telecaster, Blonde 1973 Model. The cream white has aged and faded, resulting in an attractive looking guitar with genuine play-wear, None of this behind the car dragging stuff. Great 70s vintage, with all the trimmings and including the bridge cover on it. All original parts, pots etc. except a 5-way switch fitted, but original 3-way in the box. Original paint, no refin or patch ups. Great looker and a killer player, as you would expect from a classic Telecaster guitar. Collectible machine and great players gear with ounces of mojo and a great vintage feel to it. You can find Tele’s in many colours, however, the Blonde finish with its white pick-guard is an attractive axe. Tele lives in its original fender hard-case.