Fender Telecaster Custom No-caster ( B-Bender, 2000s)

New to collection a Custom Shop Fender telecaster no-caster model fitted with a Gene Parson B-Bender. The guitar has an attractive Tobacco Sunburst finish, and the B-Bender unit is routed out on the back with a see through back plate, showing off the mechanism that is operated via the shoulder strap.

Great Country and country rock machine , with all the trimmings and including the Fender certificates with it. You won’t find many like these. Great looker and a killer player, as you would expect from the Classic Telecaster model. Quite a rare machine and great players gear with ounces of mojo straight off the Grand Ol Opry!  This one has seen some wear on the scratch plate but otherwise is well kept and has the original various receipt still with it. Tele lives in its hard-case.