Gibson ES-335 (1971, Cherry Red)

Here a Gibson ES-335 in Faded red cherry. The Gibson ES series, named after ES (Electric Spanish) was initially produced in the Kalamazoo plant in Michigan USA. Two models were initially produced, large semi hollow bodied arch top shaped guitars with f-shaped sound holes in the body, 3×2 tuning pegs and stoptail bar or trapezoid tail pieces. Additionally there was a choice of inlays, one with rosewood fretboard and dot inlays. Since 1964 there were block shaped fret board position markers in use resulting in an overall pretty Guitar. 2 powerful paf humbuckers controlled with a 3-way switch controlled the selection of pickup and 2×2 vol and tone regulated the sound output. Below we see a block marker version. Versions of this guitar have played a prominent role in rock and roll, blues and jazz history. A famous version was used by Eric Clapton, and dubbed the ” Beano” due to its association with the first issue of its namesake magazine. Other household name users are Liam Gallagher of Oasis, and more to name but a few.