Gibson Les Paul

The Gibson Les Paul Model is often referred to as “The Gibson”.  Although Gibson guitar factory is one of the oldest USA guitar makers, going back to the late 1800’s. Over the years a variety of guitars were produced . However, it was under the McCarthy years that new revolutionary guitars such as the “Les Paul” guitar were produced. This model was introduced in 1952 and designed by Les Paul a popular musician in the 1950s and also a pioneer in music technology. The Les Paul was offered in Custom, Standard, Special, and Junior models.

In the 1950s, Gibson produced the tune-o-matic bridge system and its version of the humbucker pickup, called a PAF (“Patent Applied For”), first released in 1957 and still in demand. Gibson Les Paul models are amongst the most recognised and copies model alongside its Stratocaster counter part. Due to heavy copying in the late to mid 1970s Gibson sued Asian guitar makers with varying success, resulting in a great number of copies and improvements.

Gibson Les Paul models in my collection

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page
Gibson Les Paul Left handed
Gibson Les Paul R8
Gibson Les Paul Recording
Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass

Gibson LP Standard, R8, 2001

Gibson Les Paul Classic, 1991, Jimmy Page

Gibson LP Standard 2010


Gibson LP Standard 2004

Gibson LP Classic 2002

Gibson LP Studio