Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Marc Bolan Model (2011)

Here a bit of a marmite guitar, the “Bitsacaster” Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop, Marc Bolan Chablis model, Number 53 of about 450 of which 100 were aged to look like Marc Bolan’s modified standard. This model was introduced at the NAMM 2011.

The body of the guitar is modelled after a 1950’s Les Paul Standard with the paint stripped resulting in a “Chablis” type finish. Add to that the neck of a Les Paul Custom with its distinct ebony board and block markers. Furthermore modifications to the pick ups with a Seymour/Gibson combo all finishes off a rather eccentric looking guitar. If it wasn’t for the Marc Bolan 053 serial and the case candy/certificates you might think its a run of the mill “Partscaster” job. However, the guitar plays very well and oozes mojo with its relicing being rather authentic looking. Guitar lives in its custom hard-case..