Gibson Les Paul Standard (1968, Goldtop)

Here a 1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard model In Gold. This is an unusual Les Paul guitar; a custom Gibson Les Paul Standard model from a transitional period when P90s were more commonplace and Gibson started using Mini Hum-buckers. It appears that in the period 1968-1970, most Standards had p-90s and with the arrival of the Deluxe, the use of Mini Humbuckers became common place. Looks like the guitar was factory built this way, judging from the machine routing marks in the inside cavity. It has seen good use and has some buckle marks on the back and some of the finish is worn. Tuner heads were replaced with Grover.  The playability, however, is superb and the guitar has a real bite tone wise.  Much heavier than my ‘53 Les Paul and harder to handle but set up with low action it plays quite well. Lives in its worn case.