Ibanez JEM77FP (1988, Multicolour)

After the Ibanez JEM series was launched at the 1987 NAMM show, Ibanez with Steve Vai began to design and produce the guitar actively. Rich Lasner of Hoshino (Ibanez) explained that Vai used a “Chinese menu approach” to design the guitar (i.e. choosing from many different categories). The first design was by Vai, when he sent Hoshino his ideas from many different guitar features he liked and combined it into one guitar.

the result of this was a Superstrat which combined Vais favourite features of many guitars, like Charvel, Ibanez, and others such as DiMarzio…

Here we have a first issue Ibanez JEM77FP made in 1988. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea with the floral pattern, and the recognisable hand grip. The body is made of American Basswood with a maple neck and rosewood board. Tuning arrangement with locking nut and Kahler trem system.
furthermore the guitar sports an HSH pick up arrangement.