Peavey T-15 (1981, Tobacco Sunburst)

The Peavey T-15 is the entry level of the Peavey T-series electric guitars named after chief guitar designer Chip Todd, who worked for Peavey Music Corp. This T-15 fits in the range T-15, 25, 27 and 60, and these models were considered revolutionary when they hit the scene in 1978, with the T-60 as one of the best, but underrated guitars from the 1970s era. Made in the U.S. between 1976 and 1987, the Peavey T-series was perhaps Peavey’s most prominent solid body type guitar made during that era, and the first guitar the brand ever produced. Many believe the T-Series and particularly T-60 has been overlooked when examining historically important guitars. Though the T-series Guitars tend to be heavy, like many Peavey products from this time period, players have found that the tones of these guitars are quite varied and have unique sustain associated with the weight. Even the body moulded case is a work of art.