PRS Guitars

There are only a few PRS in my collection, a beautiful green burst, PRS guitar and a Tigereye Single cutaway.

Never really taken to a PRS guitars, even the early 1980s models appeared to emulate the sound produced by Gibson or Fender. PRS appeared in the mid 1980s with their newly designed guitars. The endorsement of no one other than Carlos Santana, catapulted the PRS into the “Serious Guitar” category.
PRS guitars have since become popular, albeit pricey, with the Private Stock models topping the grade, Artist Pack, Custom and the Standard range are still very nice and cool looking guitars, however, for me they lack the rawness of the Fenders or sport the perfect shape of the Les Pauls or SG models, personal preference I presume.
in addition, a cheaper version, the SE range was launched with a budget version of the various PRS models, typically made in low labour cost factories across Asia.

In the rest of the page a few examples from my collection, a DC and Single cut model……Despite my reservations the PRS guitars typically looking great and playing wonderful, usually wide necks for easy reach and double cut for those high notes for the avid guitarist.