Rickenbacker 620 (Jetglo, 2000s)

Here a 2000s Rickenbacker 620 model in Black (Jetglo) with Rickenbacker hard-case. Great design, dating back to the early days of Rickenbacker. The guitar is all maple built and weighs about 3.6 Kgs. The fretboard is rosewood and the neck, with its 24 3/4″ scale has 21 frets, with the neck width at the nut just over 4.1 com making it a fairly smooth player. It’s tapered, as neck width is about 4.9 cm at the 12th fret. Nice triangular fret markers combined with the jet black make for a nice looking axe. Like the 3000 series, the 600 series also is kitted out with high out put pups and stereo output. Lives in its Ricky Case.