Ovation Adamas 1687-8 (1979, Blue/Red burst)

Here we have a rare guitar, a high end 2nd production year Adamas guitar made by Ovation, the brainchild of Charles Kaman, originally a helicopter design engineer, who founded Ovation in the 1960s. The revolutionary designs of most Ovation guitars involved a bowl shaped guitar body which apparently projected the sound better. Like the earlier models the guitar here is an Acoustics Masterclass, this Adamas 1687-8 (1978/9) is no different. The guitar sports a Carbon Graphite Top, Lyra-chord Side and Back. The fretboard is Walnut  onto a Mahogany neck set onto the guitar body. The inlays are a mixture of Woods. The guitar has a paper label inside which is autographed by Chris Kaman himself. My best playing acoustic guitar ever although I don’t particularly like the bowl-shape at the back but hard to put down.