Ovation Balladeer (1968)

Here we have a round bowl early Ovation Balladeer Guitar. Ovation was founded in 1966 by engineer Charles Kaman who developed the first prototypes of the Ovation guitar in 1965–1966.
Kaman himself in his early years was an amateur guitarist, and professionally worked on helicopter designs as an aerodynamicist and engineer. Later , he founded a helicopter design company called Kaman Aircraft, in 1945

The Kaman Corporation diversified, branching into other areas and to expand into new markets, such as entertainment and leisure. Charles Kaman, still a guitar player, became interested in making guitars. Ovation was born.

Here we have an early model, the Balladeer. Unlike the traditional guitars, the Balladeer has a round owl made of Lyrachord a man made material derived fro the aircraft industry. The guitar has a spruce wooden top finished in tobacco sunburst and with a traditional sound hole.