Guild Guitars

Some great guitars in my collection are from the staple brands Gibson and Fender. Both have over the years produced iconic guitars like the Gibson Les Paul and the Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster to name but a few. Although my collection has a few of these iconic guitars,  I have become quite interested in off-beat guitars like Gibson’s bolted neck guitar the Marauder and S-1 or L6s and from the Fender stable, for example the Fender Broadcaster or Fender Bullet, Jaguar or Jazzmaster to name but a few. Etc.

Although there are numerous other excellent USA brands like Musicman, Epiphone Guild, Peavey, Rickenbacker, etc, these are less common and having spent time in the USA for a while I have noticed that USA guitarists in the USA tend to stick with the mainstream guitars. Some other boutique brands like D’Angelico and others are worth a mention and have their place in the music scene.

As mentioned , some of the other lesser known brands , although producing excellent guitars the seem to remain less popular, notably Peavey. When the Peavey T-60 Guitar and Peavey T-40 Bass were issued in the late 1970s it looked like a whole new level of electric guitar had been developed. Sadly, they de remain less popular and although quite collectible amongst aficionados, appear to remain in the shadow of the Strat and the P- bass

Below I have listed a few Lesser known USA vintage cuties in my collection. See below for USA vintage guitar models currently in collection.

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