Guild BHM-03, Brian May Special (1994, White)

In addition to the BHM-01 Signature Pro, Guild produced a series of “Humbucker versions” which became known as the BHM-02 and BHM-03,  despite deviating from the copy of Brian’s own guitar.  Guild only produced a limited amount of this new edition, and this BHM-03 is finished in a rare white fini

The fingerboard is made out of rosewood with low frets for fast easy action. The neck, like the BHM-01, is wider than most electrics (1 13/16 at the nut) allowing for string bending and access to the upper frets. The head of the guitar is arrow shaped and flat so as to position the tuning pegs almost in line with the strings, minimising bending at the at the nut. The nut positions the strings horizontally, and a ‘zero fret’.