Guild Brian May Signature Pro (Red, 1993/4)

Guild Brian May Signature series, 1993/4 with commemorative sixpence

Fans of Queen or Brian May will know the famous Guild replicas of the red special. Here is a Signature Model. Below a bit about how it all started.

Spring of 1964, Brian May, then a student at Hampton, Middlesex, and his father, an electronics engineer, worked on a project to make an electric guitar. After two years the “Red Special” . This guitar, Brian’s main instrument, would become “Queen’s” sound. In 1994, the USA based Guild Guitar Co. and Brian worked closely together to produce 316 close replicas of the “Red Special”, which had to match the special features of the custom-made original guitar. The body is made out of mahogany, fingerboard out of ebony and neck is wider than most electrics (1-13/16 at the nut) allowing plenty string bending. Furthermore is has 24th frets. The head of the guitar is arrow shaped and flat in line with the neck, giving it minimum bending at the nut. The graphite nut positions the strings horizontally, with an added zero fret.