Guild Starfire II Bass (Black, 1970)

New to collection, a rare black Guild Starfire Bass II. This bass is in exceptional condition with some natural lacquer checking. It lives in the original hard case and was maintained by Andy Demetri (a well-known and respected Luthier). As is the case for many Guild instruments of the early 1970’s, the neck is relatively thin and very comfortable. The frets are in great shape with very little wear. It plays very well and sounds great. The tone is full, smooth, fat, and thick. The Guild Starfire Bass II was popular with a number of high-profile bass players in the 1960’s, notably Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. Interestingly, this model is the bass that got Alembic into the business of building basses after customizing Casady’s and Lesh’s Guild instruments. This bass has a centre block made from mahogany with a maple layer at the back. The hardware is original, with tulip-buttoned open gear tuners and a top-mount bridge using rosewood saddles.