Guild Telecaster model T-200 (1978, Black)

Here a relatively rare vintage 1970’s Guild Telecaster model T-200 in good condition. Unlike the Guild  Starfire and solid body S-series models, the T-200 telecaster was inspired by legendary blues guitarist Roy Buchanan, American Axe, a renowned Telecaster player, produced in relatively small numbers, mostly due to the lesser popularity versus the set neck semi acoustic Starfire models. The T-200 was launched in 1970s and remained in production until 1982; This Tele type guitar was initially produced with the Roy Buchannan connection and input, but gradually production was ceased. The T-200, was a Guild mid-seventies budget guitar model unlike the S series and semi acoustics;  still a Guild and not cheap, and emulating the essence of a tele, with improvements but certainly not their lowest price electric.

The guitar sports a body shape  like a Telecaster, and likewise has a bolt-on neck. The body and neck are made from alder wood and hard maple and the instrument is finished in dark black lacquer. There are three distinct tone settings on the T-200 selector switch. The pick ups are standard Guild design with the front pickup is similar to the Standard telecaster, while the bridge pickup has a single, iron-cored coil, with a magnet below and iron strips from the lower magnet pole. The fast, easy-action neck is made from Canadian maple. The fingerboard is made from rosewood with dot inlays and the distinctive ice hockey headstock is of resembles the Charvel design.