Yamaha SBG/SG-3000 (1980s, Cream)

Here the cream of the crop of my SG collection, a Yamaha SBG-3000 guitar, in near pristine condition. Cream finished mahogany body with maple cap, a proper thru body neck, ebony fret board, near unfazed abalone split-wing fret-board position markers, abalone purfling round the binding. Brass hardware, Spinex pups with coil tapping. Like most SGs , this guitar is quite weighty. The Yamaha SBG-3000 is the ultimate Yamaha SG, evolved from the sought after Yamaha SG-175 in the ’70s made famous by Carlos Santana. Despite the weight, the guitar is a joy to play with a lovely low action. Weight of guitar approx. 4.3 Kgs, neck width at nut approx. 4.4 cm.