Yamaha SG-1000 L, Black, 1981

There are some left handed guitars in my collection and over the years I have collected a handful of iconic Yamaha guitars so here we have a left handed 1981 Vintage Yamaha SG-1000 L in Glossy Black finish, Generally we still see a few right-handed 1970s and 1980’s SG-1000 kicking about, but the lefties become rarer, especially the 1st issue examples. This one is in excellent condition and comes with its hard-case. The SG-1000 is the more rocky brother of the acclaimed Yamaha SG-2000, but without the thru neck or sustain block. The guitar is a solid built and quality oozing instrument with a set neck and ebony fret-board. Guitar is in great condition, no major marks, dents or main issues. Frets are really good. The serial number consists of 6-digits and “made in Japan”. Guitar lives in its original hard case.