Yamaha SG-1000 L (1977, Cherry Sunburst)

Here a left handed 1977 Vintage Yamaha SG-1000 left handed in Cherry Sunburst finish, Generally we still see a few 1980’s SG-1000 kicking about, but the 1970’s become ever rarer, especially the 1st issue examples and even more so any lefty ones. This one even comes with the original tools and case candy! The SG-1000 is the more rocky brother of the acclaimed Yamaha SG-2000 that was developed in the 1970s, but without the thru neck or sustain block, and it sports less of the fancy mother of pearl fret marker inlays and binding purfling; the guitar handles and balances well and plays like a dream, light and fluid, and has been set up with lovely low action. The guitar is a solid built and quality oozing instrument with a set neck and ebony fret-board. Guitar is in near mint condition, no marks, dents or main issues. Frets are really good. The serial number consists of 6-digits and “made in Japan”; a six-digit serial number starting with “00”
The guitar is in excellent condition verging on near mint, although it is 40 years old, there are almost no body marks, or any play wear which is remarkable for this vintage guitar. It has original hard case, hang tag, truss rod tool and owners manual as 40 year old case candy. In 1977 this guitar was priced at ¥100,000, considered a small fortune by then standards.