Yamaha SG-1000N (Indigo Blue, 1984)

Here we have a rare Yamaha SG-1000N in Translucent Indigo Blue finish. The SG-1000N is a narrow neck version of the SG-1000, which was issued as the more rocky little brother of the acclaimed Yamaha SG-2000 that was developed in the 1970s. This guitar is a top quality axe and handles and balances well; the great narrow neck, reminiscent of the Gibson 60s models plays superbly easy and coupled with the fact that the guitar has been set up with low action, it plays light and fluid. The guitar is a solid instrument  and quality build with a set neck and hi quality ebony fret-board with mother of pearl, split wing position markers. The guitar is in very good condition with only minor marks. The weight of guitar is approx. 4 Kgs, which is .3 kg lighter than the SG-1000, the neck is a bit slimmers and tapered with the neck width at nut approx. 4.1 cm. Lives in Yamaha Gig Bag.