Yamaha SG-1300 (1984, Black)

The Yamaha SG-1300 is an unusual Yamaha SG guitar, as this model has a few tremolo based variations. The SG-1300 is similar to the SG-2000s, inasmuch as that the hardware is brass and the neck is through body, but without any brass bridge block. The two tremolo versions of this Yamaha were the SG-1300T and TS. The SG-1300 guitar built from flatter extra thin maple and mahogany with a mahogany through body neck. The fretboard is ebony with mother of pearl split wing style inlays. Typical weight of these models was around the 3.8 kgs. The sound of these vintage gems is outstanding, produced by a straight 2 tone/2 vol arrangement with a coil tapping option and a 3-way pick up selector switch. Hardware was gold black plated with a gold stop bar. The sound of this model is full, produced from 2 Alnico 5 covered humbuckers, which have a strong presence, ideal for rock and rhythm. The 4 SG-1300 models in this particular line up were the Yamaha SG-1300, 1300T, 1300TS and 1300-24.  Guitar is all original and lives in its original green lined hard case.