Yamaha SG-1300 (1984, Black)

The Yamaha SG-1300 is an unusual Yamaha SG guitar, as this model has a few tremolo based variations. The SG-1300 is similar to the SG-2000s, inasmuch as that the hardware is brass and the neck is through body, but without any brass bridgeblock. The two trem versions of this Yamaha were the SG-1300T and TS. The body is flatter that’s the SG-1000 giving it a better handleability. The powerhouse sits in the 2 Alnico V hum-buckers, both with coil tapping option. Despite being less heavy than its SG-2000/1000 counterparts it has good sustain, although no brass sustain plate fitted under bridge like its brother SG-2000. The guitar is quite well finished with a great appearance, headstock decoration and standard pick-guard. Weight of guitar approx. 4 Kgs, neck width at nut approx. 4.4 cm.