Yamaha SG-2000 (1980, Tobacco Sunburst)

New to collection a Yamaha SG-2000 in classy Tobacco Sunburst finish, in excellent condition. The guitar has acquired some minor patina, but appears to have been a case queen for a large part of its life. The finish is dark Tobacco and appears of mirror-like clarity as you can see from the pics. The SG-2000 is interesting in that it was developed in the mid 1970s with the input from Carlos Santana. Due to the quest for long sustain, and the then thinking that weight helps sustain, the SG- Series became a very heavy guitar. The guitar was kitted out with a laminated thru body neck, brass sustain plate under the bridge and an ebony fret-board. The main wood was a heavy slab of mahogany. The standard SG-2000 is kitted out with Alnico 5 pick ups giving it high output and growl.