Yamaha SG-2000 (1984, Black)

Yamaha SG-2000 in black finish, in excellent condition. A real beauty with its shiny black finish. The finish is dark, and appears mirror-like. The history of the SG-2000 is interesting in that it was developed in the 1970s with the input from none less than Carlos Santana. Due to the quest for sustain an£ more sustain, the SG- Series became a very heavy guitar. The guitar kitted out with a thru body neck, brass sustain plate under the bridge and an ebony fret-board. This model is kitted out with coil tapped Spinex pick ups giving it enormous tonal range. Despite not common on early Yamaha SG-2000 , coil taps are commonplace in later SGs, and can be found on all the models slimmer necked, SG-2000s’s. A great SG, lives in its case.