Yamaha SG-2500 (1983, Wine Burst)

The rare Yamaha SG-2500 is an upgrade from the SG-2000 model and built from maple and mahogany with a mahogany thru body neck in a so-called “T-cross construction” mode. The fretboard is bound ebony  with mother of pearl/abalone split wing style inlays. Typical weight of these models was around the 4.4 kgs. Hardware was gold plated with a gold stop bar. Like the SG-2000, the SG-2500 does also have a brass sustain block under the bridge and the bridge is like that of the SG-3000, a narrower type than the SG-2000 models. The sound of this model is strong, coming  from 2 Spinex semi open humbuckers. The electronics are controlled with 2 Amber Speedial 2V/2T Push/Push Coil Tap on tone pots and a 3 way toggler switch.   Guitar is all original and lives in its original lined hard case.