Yamaha SG-2500 (1983, Violet Burst)

The very rare Yamaha SG-2500 guitar is the example of a top quality guitar and my second SG-2500. Killer looks and great sound. A a model is a hybrid between the SG-2000 and the SG-3000, as such only produced in small number in 1983-4. The finish is violet or wine burst, the only finish that was never done for the SG-2000.
It sports a Mahogany body with maple cap, with a proper thru neck, ebony fret board, mother of pearl split-wing fret-board position markers. Gold plated Hardware, Twin hum-buckers, coil tapping option. For this model the brass scratch plate of an SG-3000 was used. The guitar is heavy with lots and lots of sustain, partly due to the brass sustain plate fitted under bridge. The guitar is quite well finished with a great finish, headstock decoration. Guitar lives in its luxury Yamaha case.