Yamaha SG-2500 (Plum-burst, 1984)

The very rare Yamaha SG-2500 guitar is the example of a top quality build guitar. It has been in my collection since 1998. Killer looks and great sound whichever way you set the tone/volume. It is a hybrid between the SG-2000 and the SG-3000, as such only produced in small number in 1983-4
It sports a Mahogany body with maple cap, with a proper thru neck, ebony fret board, mother of pearl split-wing fret-board position markers. Gold plated Hardware, Twin hum-buckers, coil tapping option. The guitar is heavy with lots and lots of sustain, partly due to the brass sustain plate fitted under bridge. The guitar is quite well finished with a great finish, headstock decoration and triple ply black pick-guard.
The Yamaha SG-2000 and SG2500 is the evolution from the renowned Yamaha SG 175 in the 1970’s made famous by musicians such as Carlos Santana, Stuart Adamson, Trevor Horn, Al DiMeola, Phil Manzanera and Bob Marley to name but a few. Although the guitar is heavy, it is a joy to play a very low action and two powerful AlnicoV shielded double humbuckers create a loud clear and clean sound, but wait till you set your Valve Amplifier to gentle overdrive. The SG2500 springs to life and you don’t want to put it down again.