Yamaha SG-30 (Natural Wood, 1972)

Here a bit of rock history, an example of an early pre Carlos Santana Yamaha SG from 1972, the earliest Yamaha Double Cutaway SG. Prior to the famous Yamaha SG175 and Yamaha SG 2000, Yamaha Music Corporation produced a series of  early Yamaha SG double cutaway prototypes. These were the Yamaha SG-30, 35, 50, 70. In 1974 the phenomenal SG-90 and SG-175 were released. Like these later  models, the SG-30 is a light weight early SG with a phenomenal playability and versatile sound. The guitar has a solid Katsura woods body with a 4-bolted neck, rosewood fret board with mother of pearl dot position markers, Chrome Hardware and Tuning pegs. The sound is through Yamaha’s own  pickups, which sound very full. Yamaha SG-30 guitars were made from 1972 till 1974 in translucent  red, and natural wood.