Yamaha SG-3000s (Black, 1980s)

Here a well kept Yamaha SG-3000s, a top quality guitar made in Japan 1985. Sporting killer looks and equipped with a great sound. It comprises a mahogany body with maple cap, a proper thru body neck, ebony fret board, abalone split-wing fret-board position markers, abalone purfling round the binding. Brass plated hardware, including the pick guard, Spinex pups with coil tapping option.The guitar is heavy and has lots and lots of sustain. The plastic pick-guard was never fitted on this guitar, but the brass plate was used instead. The guitar has seen some use and there are some minor scuff marks, however these are only surface marks. The Yamaha SG-3000 is the ultimate SG, evolved from the renowned Yamaha SG-175 in 1974 which was made famous by musicians such as Carlos Santana, Despite the heavy weight of 4.3 kgs, the guitar is easy to handle and play. The neck width at nut approx. 4 cm. One of the best of Yamaha SG range.