Yamaha SG-800 (1979, Cream White)

Here a rare Yamaha SG-800 in Cream, a great midrange Yamaha SG, Electric Guitar. The Yamaha SG-800, is also a little brother to the renowned Yamaha SG-2000. Likewise, this guitar can do it all with its powerful humbuckers equipped with coil tapping. Whilst being a more stripped down version of the SG-1000, this is still a a very well playing instrument and a looker too. The SG-800 was introduced as the follow up from the Yamaha SG-700 and was briefly produced from 1979-1981. Like its heavier predecessor the Yamaha SG-700, which was built from 1976-9, it has great playability with great tonal range. Weight of guitar approx. 3.8 Kgs, neck width at nut approx. 4.4 cm.