Yamaha SL-650 (1977, Black)

Yamaha Studio Lord SL-650, an early example of Yamaha’s Les Paul model line up during the 1970’s and one of the more versatile LP models at the time. Being a high quality Japanese Custom LP copy, these guitars were produced during the 1970’s till the early 1980s, and attracted the so-called lawsuit era status. This Yamaha SL-650 was hand produced in Yamaha’s guitar factory and was deemed one of the top types of the Les Paul (SL/LP) range. The guitar sports a solid mahogany body, fitted with a set neck, gold hardware, dual metal covered Yamaha Hum-buckers, giving off a beatifull sound. Also there is a factory fitted cool split option with push push tone pots. The guitar body has adopted a greenish, faded ebony hue, due to aging giving it lots of mojo and a definite vintage feel. Added to that is the cream yellow double binding, normally only seen on high end guitars. The guitar is furthermore decorated with real mother of pearl fret markers and triple binding front and back that has beautifully aged to a cream yellow hue.