Yamaha SC-700 (Cream, 1979)

Another one of the classic Vintage Japanese Guitar from Japan’s ‘Golden Era’ of guitar manufacture. The Japanese Yamaha SC-700 electric guitar was produced only from 1978-1980 and offered a customised take on the three-pick-up solid body guitar concept. Features included a familiar double cut offset Alder body (Strat Style) with Maple and Mahogany Bolt neck construction; Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays; Three original single coil pick-up with ‘Super Combination’ On/Off switching providing range of sounds that had not yet been possible from a conventional 5-way switching system like the original Stratocasters; 13 different combinations possible with an enormous tonal variety.
The guitar is very easy to set up due to its fixed bridge with 6-individual saddles. This guitar is over 36 years old and in remarkably good and all original condition. A super super strat in all but name.