Yamaha VX-2 (1985, Black Metallic)

The VX-2 is part of  Yamaha’s “mini Flying V” VX range and like it’s predecessor  the VX-1 model is quite a rare bird made in Yamaha’s Hamamatsu factory. The pickups are also Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader, and sound bright and full. The guitar has coil gaps installed for splitting coil creating a single coil sound. The guitar has Yamahas Rockin magic tremolo system which like the VX-1 operates via a “Whammy Bar”
There is little known about this type of Yamaha guitar, apart from its rarity and it was produced from a very short while during 1984-5. Sound, playability and tone is excellent. At the time the guitar came with Yamaha V gig bag.