Yamaha YSG-TII Series

 Yamaha YSG TII, Black, 1980’s

Try searching Google for Yamaha YSG and you will quickly appreciate how rare these guitars are. There is very little ‘official’ information out there about them but the story goes that there were a handful (of various specs) exported from Japan by mistake. There’s also unconfirmed stories that they were designed by Paul Reed Smith when he worked at Yamaha (there is a very strong resemblance to PRS guitars in these).

The guitar was made in Japan and is of superb build quality. This guitar is in absolutely fantastic condition for its age – I’ve seen only a few and none have been to this original condition (eg they have non-original tuners, whammy bar missing, changed pickups, etc). I’ve had it regularly setup by guitar techs in order to keep it in top condition (they always remark about how great a guitar this is). The guitar is roughly 27 years old so there are some minor signs of age: Guitar has the original pickups, original tremolo with arm. Its a brilliant guitar that has a huge range of tones; The guitar price is based on its rarity, quality, condition and the fact that I think its worth every single penny.