Fender Stratocaster Plus (Pewter Grey, 1988/9)

Here we have a 1989/90s Fender Stratocaster Plus transition model in metallic Pewter Burst. This is a rare Fender Strat with a grooved metal nut (instead of the later roller nuts) and Lace Sensors pick ups for reduced hum and guitar feedback. (Lace Sensors are true single-coil pickups; that are different from classic single coils. The main difference is that, like the pickups used on the old Fender Jags, the coil is surrounded by metal barriers which are designed to reduce electro-magnetic interference such as power line hum by way of shielding the coils).

Very versatile instrument and a joy to play. Defo one of the best Strats kicking around. Very responsive guitar and easy to play. Lovely metallic aged coloured finish. Good condition, vintage yellowed scratch plate giving it an old style Strat feel. The guitar lives in its Fender hard-case..