Yamaha SG-2000 (1990s, Flame Tobacco Sunburst)

No guitar collection is complete without a Tobacco Sunburst SG-2000; Here we have it a Yamaha SG-2000 in glossy flame tobacco sunburst finish, great condition. The Yamaha SG-2000 is no doubt one of the most versatile guitars ever made, the older versions were not kitted out with coil tapping but this great guitar does and the tonal variety is enormous. The tobacco sunburst colour also makes it one of the most liked versions of this axe. The SG-2000’s renowned history and Carlos Santana’s involvement in the development of this super guitar way back in the 1970’s, make the proud owner of one of these part of rock’s rich history; this guitar plays like a dream, light and fluid, and has been set up with very low action. The guitar is heavy, fitted with a thru body neck, brass sustain plate under the bridge and an ebony fret-board with real mother of pearl inlaid fret position markers. All in all, this is a very pretty guitar, and in completely unblemished condition. Guitar lives in a super strong Hiscox case. Weight of guitar approx. 4.5 Kgs, neck width at nut approx. 4.4 cm.