Yamaha SG-1000 (Tobacco Sunburst, 1980)

Here a 1980 Yamaha SG-1000 in Tobacco Sunburst finish, Generally we still see quite a few SG-guitars kicking about, but the SG-1000/2000 are becoming harder to get. The brass plated hardware shows signs of use as is a small number of dents. The SG-1000 has been a great guitar and the weapon of choice of many renowned players.

The SG-1000 is the more rocky little brother of the acclaimed Yamaha SG-2000. This guitar is a top quality axe and handles and balances well; it has been set up with low action and plays light and fluid. The guitar is a solid instrument  and quality build with a set neck and ebony fret-board with mother of pearl, split wing position markers. Weight of guitar approx. 4.2 Kgs, neck width at nut approx. 4.4 cm. Lives in hard-case.