Gibson Moderne (1982, Cream White)

In my search for rare Gibson guitar models I found this oddly shaped guitar, the Gibson Moderne made in USA in 1982. This model was supposedly part of the new designs in the 1957-9 period comprising the Moderne, Flying V, and Explorer. Todate no moderne 1957 has been found and the closest are the 1982/3 reissues. Here is a superb example of a 1982 model in Korina with Cream White finish. This guitar looks the bizz, and sounds it too with its 2 brilliant Tim Shaw  power plants, wired in a Vol1/2 and Tone plus pup selector switch. The guitar can do either grungy and clean etc, the neck is quite slim with rosewood fretboard. The headstock has a club shape with a plethora of string tees to guide the strings to the machine heads. Guitar lives in its original case.