Gibson L5-s (1978, Cherry Sunburst)

Here another Gibson L5-s, made in USA  in 1978, and like the earlier versions,  a solid body version of the Gibson L5.  Doubly bound, flattish body, kinda Les Paulish, slightly arched maple top with ebony. Although less flat than the L6-s, and apart from the double sided binding and the Ebony fretboard with real abalone. The guitar has a factory fitted micro tuning tailpiece and a classic 1970s harmonica bridge. The guitar is a mixture of mahogany with maple front and back, and even the cavity backplate is made out of the matching wood. Originally designed as jazz/fusion guitar and kitted out with low impedance pick ups, laterally the L5-s came with standard hum-buckers. This guitar packs a punch and the pickups are amongst the loudest Gibson has issued. Wider than the Les Paul models, the size and dimensions are similar to the Gibson Les Paul Recording and the guitar typically is too big for a standard Les Paul Case. This one lives in a larger Chainsaw plastic moulded case.