Yamaha SG Series

Yamaha SG Series

The Yamaha SG series was developed by Yamaha in the early 1970s and saw an enormous number of variations. The Yamaha’s SG is probably the most successful design since Yamaha started with production of solid-body guitars in 1966, later on the Pacifica, based on the Superstrat concept would become very successful in the 1990s and onward

Prior to Santana’s involvement with Yamaha, the SG was an unknown type guitar that had a limited user base, predominantly in Japan and selected other countries where guitarists had taken those guitars. Yamaha’s electric guitar making started in earnest in 1966 with futuristic shaped guitars such as the SG-2, 3 and SG-7 to name but a few.

Early 1972 the first more modern SG series was launched the SG-30, 35 etc. These guitars had all in common a double Cutaway design. In addition to those symmetrically shaped guitars, some models were more Les Paul shaped like the SG-40, 45, 60, 65, 80 and 85

For details of  all  guitars pls look on the “About & Contact” Page on the right column, where you will find a link to each guitar model

  1. Links to SG-1000/2000/3000 Models: Yamaha SG-1000 ; Yamaha SG-2000 ; Yamaha SG-2000 Re-issue; Yamaha SG-2000s; Yamaha SG-3000
  2. Links to Anniversary Models:Yamaha SG-25s ; Yamaha SG-1966 ; Yamaha SG-1996 
  3. Pre Santana SGs: Yamaha SG-175Yamaha SG-90; Yamaha SG-70;  Yamaha SG-50; Yamaha SG-30
  4. Single cutaway SG’s Yamaha SG-45; Yamaha SG-85
  5. Rare SGs 1500/1600/2500: Yamaha SG-1500 ; Yamaha SG-1600 ; Yamaha SG-2500
  6. Other SG’s Yamaha SG-200 (3)  Yamaha SG-300 (1) Yamaha SG-400 (2) )  Yamaha SG-500 (2) Yamaha SG-500B (1) yamaha sg-510 (3) Yamaha SG-600 (3)  Yamaha SG-700 (5) Yamaha SG-700s ; Yamaha SG-800 ;Yamaha SG-800s (1) Yamaha SG-1300T (1)


Yamaha SG-25s, 1991, Anniversary Model



Yamaha SG-800s, 1984, Metallic Blue



Yamaha SG-90, Red, 1974


Yamaha SG-200, 1984


Yamaha SG-175, 1974


Yamaha SG-70, 1973


Yamaha SG-1300T, Cream White 1985


Yamaha SG-1000 Lefty, 1977


Yamaha SG-300, 1982


Yamaha SG-700s, 1998, Green


Yamaha SG-2000 Deep Purple, 1984


Yamaha SG-2000s, Tobacco Sunburst, 1983


Yamaha SG-2000, Cherry Sunburst , 1983


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