Fender Stratocaster Exotic Series (2017, Shedua/Oukome/Flame Maple)

Here we have a Fender Stratocaster designed as part of the “Exotic Wood” series that came out in 2017. A departure from Fender’s usual wood choices, the 2017 Wood choices included reclaimed and recycled wood from a multi wood furniture factory nearby the Fender factory. Pine, Dark mahogany, African woods like Oukome and Shedua were amongst the materials used. Part of that range was a Shedua Top Stratocaster, it was thought the Oukome alters the typical Stratocaster tone. The okoume body is a hard wood and has a snappy, punchy attack while the Shedua top is classy looking.
This Stratocaster is loaded with three V-Mod single-coil pickups containing Alnico magnets for high output as well as clarity when adjusting the volume controls, thanks to the a treble-bleed tone circuit. The neck is made from flame maple and has a C-shape shaped neck profile with the narrow-tall frets make it easy to bend strings accurately. Pickguard and backplate are made from anodised aluminium. Guitar lives in its moulded hardcase