Gibson RD/Artist Series

The flagship of Gibson’s Guitar development were the 1977 issued Gibson RD Artist – Rare Gibson guitars and top of the range 1970s guitar with factory fitted Moog electronics circuit. The 1977 version of one of the most ambitious Gibson electric guitars, designed by Gibsons R& D team, hence the prefix RD Artist, was a24 fret model. The later models were mostly 22 frets.

The guitars are pandora sound boxes with all the sound goodies everyone wants. Design-way,  it’s a fusion between Gibson Recording and Firebird. Simply stunning sound. In addition to simple tone volume, it has a ” Bright” switch and “Expander / compression” circuits. Guitars are heavy but in the right hands play like a dream. In addition to the RD Artist, Moog electrics were fitted to ES-335, Firebirds and Les Paul models