Yamaha SG-700 (1978/9, Cherry Sunburst)

1st issue, 40+-year old SG-700, a great electric guitar made in Japan with great looks, excellent player with a tremendous sound and a good solid feel, It is set up well so it plays light and fluid with a low action and has a lot of mojo and a definite vintage vibe. The guitar has a solid mahogany wood body with carved top, fitted with a set neck, rosewood fret board with split mother of pearl position markers, clean chrome hardware and tuning pegs. The sound is through 2 high output pickups with coil tapping options for a wide tonal variety. The guitar’s serial number is embossed in the back of the headstock. Yamaha SG-700 guitars continued to be produced along the well known SG-2000 and were available in 2 colours walnut brown and cherry sunburst.