Every collector can’t escape where guitars actually started, acoustics. Although I am by any means a connoisseur, I have started to collect some iconic vintage acoustics. For example who hasn’t seen the well known acoustics played by the like of Elvin, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers and many more. Whoever visits Country Music shows will be surprised at the variety of acoustics etc, well known brands like Breedlove, Martin & Co etc, or iconic Fender and Gibson guitars to name but a few.

Here we have one of the nicest acoustic guitars, Gibson SJ-200 Elite Custom. This fantastic guitar was made by the Gibson Custom Shop between 1999 and 2004. The Gibson SJ-200 Elite Custom similar to the Gibson SJ-200 Custom but with upgraded woods fancier appointments including, Ebony fingerboard and bridge, Abalone crown fin inlays, Different pick-guard design with abalone dots in the flowers. Black finished at back of the headstock. Gold plated Grover Imperial tuners and Abalone inlaid sound hole rosette.
The guitar is not mint, but near excellent. A 16-year old guitar with only few minor cosmetic flaws. The frets are in good shape and have a lot of life in them. The guitar plays really nice. Comes with case, leather strap with strap lock, extra bridge, nut and truss wrench. This model of the J-200 is quite rare.

Here we have a lovely Gibson L-00, a classic guitar that harks back to pre electric guitars.



So here a rare 1957 Fender Wildwood III, great nick and a cool player too.

The Fender Wildwood Guitar is a bit of an enigma, the Wildwood name was given to a line of acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars that had been equipped with a similar neck and headstock as the electric counterpart. The Fender Wildwood Kingman acoustic, and Coronado Guitar all had the neck and headstock in common. And looked like a hybrid between a Coronado or Kingman with a Strat neck. A notable player of the wild wood acoustic was Elvis Presley who appeared in various guises with a Wildwood VI. It seems these we were made in the Fullerton plant in the 1960s however, these are not common.